FOUR-PILLARS Training System

The Four Pillars Training System is designed to give you fast and efficient training in a small group setting. It ensures your get your body is functioning well including mobility, stability, strength and interval training.

The program is designed in a scientific way, not only to give you results but also educate you more about what your body needs. Every block of the program starts and finishes with a specific fitness test so that you can monitor your progress. Each of these training sessions lasts 20 to 25 minutes with a maximum of 8 people.

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Have you heard of small group training? Small group training is with 2 to 8 people working with one trainer in short, 20 to 30 minutes sessions. In a short amount of time you get attention from your trainer as well as benefiting from the encouragement of a group environment. The main difference between our Four Pillars training system and other small group training programs is the systematic planning of the program.

The Four Pillars training system is how we help you be efficiently connected, supported and educated in achieving your goals without sacrificing quality.

You can choose your sessions from the timetable during the week. Have in mind that you need to attend at least one session from each of the four pillars of fitness each week. You can do minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 sessions per week. Note that, across one week all sessions are the same e.g. all strength sessions will be the same exercises. Feel free to come as many strength sessions in a week as you like – but remember the aim is to get one of each of the four different sessions into your week!

The sessions are run by one of our competent trainers in a 20 to 25 minutes slots. You can choose to attend to one or stay to finish two sessions back to back (check the timetable for options).

Mobilisation: These sessions are designed to focus on improving your mobility (joint range of movement) and flexibility of soft tissue.
Stabilisation: The focus of theses sessions will be core strength and improving your balance.
Strength: In these sessions you will be using different equipment to improve your strength.
Intervals: High intensity interval training will be the focus of these sessions to lift your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular system.

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