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3 Phone Apps to Help you Achieve your Fitness Goals

By September 14, 2016 May 23rd, 2019 No Comments


There are numerous fitness apps out there but which one should you use? In this edition we review four key fitness apps available on iPhone and Android phones. Conveniently all four phone apps are compatible with our treadmills and cross trainers at Warwick Workout and so you can use them to keep track of your workouts. Just connect your phone to our treadmills via Bluetooth.



  • Allows you to tracks all your running session whether on road or manually by treadmill/cross trainer.
  • Links in with the music on your phone.
  • Has a voice coach that will help you stay on your targets during your workout.
  • Has optional, in-app purchases including training plans and story running. Story running allows you to become part of a story and run along with it!

Lose it

  •  Set your weight loss goal and it will set you daily energy intake and exercise targets.
  • If your friends are using the app they can follow your progress and keep you accountable.
  • Record your daily food intake and energy expenditure.
  • Includes numerous articles helping educated you on weight loss.


  • Allows you to directly connect to one of our treadmills or cross trainers and record your session and store your favourite workouts.
  • Has a number of cardio workout session options for you to try. You’ll never get bored!
  • Also has an outdoor GPS setting for you to use when you’re not in the gym.

To try any of these fitness apps just search for them in the Google Play or iTunes app stores.