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If you’re the person that needs other people to train with and stay accountable the Connect membership is for you. These group fitness sessions last 30-40 minutes and as of 18th May 2020 there is the option to join the session on-site or via live video on Zoom. Scroll down this page to see the latest timetable and session descriptions.

Please note our COVID-19 Safety Guidelines prior to signing up.

5-weeks access to the program costs just $59 and you can come to as many group fitness sessions as you want to across the week. Please note that if you have a current membership that has been suspended during COVID-19 you will need to purchase 5-weeks access below.

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If you’re training online each week you’ll be emailed your access code for the sessions. This code allows you to join the live workouts via Zoom on your laptop or phone.

If you decide to come in-person to the on-site session please note places are strictly limited to 20 and you are required to pre-book for every session. The booking link for members is below.

Please bring your own exercise mat otherwise mats are available to hire for $10.

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Class Descriptions

Strength & Intervals

Fuse functional, strength and cardio; Designed to build strength, agility, cardio capacity and shred fat. Progressions and modifications given for a range of fitness levels

Abs, Butt and Thighs

Define and sculpt abdominals, butt and thighs! This class targets these areas to strengthen and tone as well as improving core stability


A strong core will improve musculoskeletal function and improve your posture. Exercises will target the muscles for a sculpted mid-section


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an intense circuit style session perfect for those who are looking for a class that gives a mix of cardio and strength. There are four main stations with harder and easier options given. These exercises are largely body weight or require minimal equipment and/or items you can find around your home (e.g. chairs, broom poles, water bottles). The interval length and rest lengths are modified across the 5 week training blocks to gradually progress your fitness. Read about the benefits of HIIT training.


Be invigorated as you improve your strength, mobility and flexibility from head to toe! Join Ilsa to strengthen the powerhouse muscles of your body; abdominal, hips and buttocks and lower back whilst enhancing breathing.


Balance is the foundation of effective movement and a critical ability to help protect against injury, but unfortunately declines from about age 40. Increase your confidence with improved coordination and stability through dynamic and static balance training.

Arms and Legs

Tone arms and legs with Laetitia to sculpt and define those limbs, having fun at the same time!

Over 60's

Designed to make you healthier and happier! Follow along with Deb and get your body moving. Improve your mood, flexibility, strength and heart health with this whole body workout.

Firm Curves

Utilise simple body weight exercises and dumbbells to achieve gains in strength, flexibility and overall health. Based on bodyweight moves makes it simple to transition between moves with little rest.

Tai Chi

We could tell you all about the benefits of Tai Chi with Michelle; like better sleep, better balance, better cognitive function….or then again, you could just tune in and enjoy this awesome feel good workout! You choose.

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