Four tips for choosing a gym membership that suits you

Gym membership - Northern Suburbs

So you are considering taking the plunge on a gym membership and you live in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. Where do you start? There seems to be an endless supply of gyms keen to win your business using various methods to get you to sign on with their gym membership. This is good!

When there is strong competition it keeps prices down and potentially gives a customer better value. Let’s look below at some of the factors to consider before you dive in to a new gym membership.

Warwick, Balcatta, Westminster, Mirrabooka? Location, location, location…

No matter how much you love a gym unless it is conveniently located you won’t manage to attend regularly. If it is much more than 10 minutes away from home or on the way to where you work, you will find after a few weeks it will become a chore and your gym membership will go unused.

Ideally you want going to the gym to become part of your daily routine. Perhaps you go every day after you drop the kids to school, or every day on the way home from work as a part of your commute. Try to find ways you can avoid making the gym an extra car trip.

The “Hip Pocket”

For many of us price is probably the largest consideration when buying considering any purchase – not just a gym membership. When looking at price we have to consider two factors; Price (what does it cost me?), and Value (what do I get?).

You don’t get more for paying less for a gym membership. A gym may have a low per week cost but if it doesn’t meet your needs it will have no value to you. Client needs vary and it is wise to consider the benefits of each gym and decide which of these you value most.

How Busy is the Gym?

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn said once that “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time.” What good is saving $5 per week if every time you go to the gym it is so busy you can’t use the equipment? I have had conversations with gym members who have said that they often have to queue 3 deep for popular pieces of equipment before they are able to use it.

It is inevitable that a successful gym will be popular and at times busy. You need to consider if the gym will be busy at the times you are going to use it. If it is busy – is it busy enough that it will make completing your workout within a reasonable time frame difficult?

The “Feel”

Visit a few gyms and decide where you are most comfortable. Consider things such as:

  • Cleanliness – People sweat in gyms and cleanliness is important to promote hygiene. Ask to see the bathrooms and showers. Check out the Gym floor and the equipment for spills and sweat stains. Things such as dirty windows and dust behind machines may not relate directly to your workout but it indicates a lack of care and pride taken by staff which may show up in other areas.
  • Spaciousness – Look at the space between machines and imagine the gym busy; is it going to be easy to walk around. Does it feel open and airy or claustrophobic?
  • Staff – For many gyms the question may be “Are there any?” If you are going to need assistance check that there will be staff to assist you and if so, do extra charges apply? Look around the gym and see if the trainers are mingling with clients or are they all grouped together chatting.

So you are considering taking the plunge on a gym membership and you live in the Northern Suburbs of Perth remember our tips: location, cost, busyness, feel.