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Using our Treadmills to Improve your Cardiovascular Fitness

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Exercising the cardiovascular system is one of the most important elements to a well-balanced training program and healthy lifestyle. You can engage the cardiovascular system through a range of different pieces of equipment, including anything from full body compound movements all the way to high intensity single-limb motions.

The treadmill is one of the classic pieces of equipment that can be used to improve cardiovascular fitness. Basic treadmills have been around since the mid 1800’s, however they have been modified and updated every year since their invention. Our treadmills here at Warwick Workout have the latest software and are designed to cater for the physical ergonomics of the runner. There are a number of settings on our treadmills that can help you exercise your cardiovascular system. There are three key treadmill workout settings that we will focus on:


The ‘Classic’ setting is for anyone looking to increase their fitness and tone up using our treadmills. This setting allows the user to choose from a number of different exercises. In particular the ‘Hill’ option. In the ‘Hill” setting simulates running or walking up a hill. The gradient and speed are adjusted automatically to suit the style of hill climb you are going for.

Healthy Heart

‘Healthy heart’ is the next setting across from the Classic on the control board. Healthy heart takes the user to a new level when increasing performance and stamina. Start by using the ‘Moderate Burn’.


The third area we have on the control board is ‘Performance’. Here we have the option of speed burn where you can select two speeds (e.g. one workout pace and one at a recovery pace) and the program will alternate between the two speeds. This option essentially sets you up to do interval training and really give you something different that will challenge you.

The ‘Classic’, ‘Healthy Heart’, and ‘Performance’ are three different modes that one can use while using our treadmills here at Warwick Workout. These programs are a great way to work into ones workout regime, offering the latest and most practical way to focus on gaining that extra edge to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

By Justin Young, Trainer