Zumba® Fitness – is it a trend or here to stay?

Zumba_Class_Warwick_Balcatta_GreenwoodZumba® Fitness – is it a trend or here to stay? According to worldwide Google search data Zumba® crept into the world scene in 2009 and by 2010 Zumba® classes peaked in Australia. The trend has died off a bit since then but with still over 7 million Facebook followers it seems that Zumba® classes are here to stay at bit longer!

But rest assured, Zumba® is not just a fad there is now research demonstrating the benefits of regular class attendance. In some recent research published in the Journal of Sport Sciences, scientists recruited inactive and overweight women to study the effects of Zumba on markers of cardiovascular disease risk and mental health.

For eight weeks participants in the research completed 1-2, one hour Zumba® fitness classes per week. There was also a control group that carried out their regular lifestyle.

The results? Well compared to the control group those that did Zumba® classes significantly increased their aerobic capacity and decreased percentage body fat. Further, the women who completed 8 weeks of Zumba classes demonstrated better emotional well-being, more energy and less feelings of fatigue. In this light it seems that Zumba® is more than a trend and can have significant benefits on your fitness and well-being.

But what does a Zumba® fitness class involve? Essentially it is a mix of Latin dance, Salsa and aerobics. In case you are wondering the word ‘Zumba’ doesn’t mean anything in particular. Have a look at the video below of our Warwick Workout instructor taking a Zumba® fitness class.

Zumba® fitness classes are regularly run for Group Fitness members at Warwick Workout. Check out the latest group fitness timetable here and come down and be part of the Warwick Workout community!

By Dr Laurence Houghton
High Performance Coach at Warwick Workout